Kick Speed - be different ... feel the KICK!

Thanks to their components caffeine, taurine and guarana as well as a balanced vitamin complex, our Kick Speed products are the ideal combination for you to start off. Whether as a drink in the practical bottle with sports cap or capsule - Kick Speed gives you the extra-kick! A caffeine proportion of up to 200 mg caffeine (Kick Speed Evolution capsules) speaks clearly for itself. As comparison: one cup of coffee (approx. 200 ml) has approximately 70 mg caffeine or one energy drink (250 ml) contains only 80 mg caffeine.

Our Kick Speed products will not only help you during training. They also support you in situations, where you need the additional kick! You are travelling by car and you slowly become tired? You are a student and the exams are about to begin? You are working in the office and after lunch break you are affected by “after lunch grogginess”? You are a waiter and the next night shift lies ahead of you? Or you want to go out after an exhausting week? Then it is time for Kick Speed!